Double trouble when winding down unwanted offshore property structures

It used to be common practice for non-domiciled individuals to hold UK residential property through an offshore company. That way, a…

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Should I gift my property to my company?

We were having a debate in the office this week about what is the costliest mistake that anyone had come across…

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Is it OK to breach transactions in securities legislation?

Transactions in securities legislation (TISL) has been around for a long time and the legislation has gone through some changes, most…

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Partnership transfers on death and capital gains tax

Generally, when a person dies leaving assets, their beneficiaries will benefit from a market value uplift for capital gains tax purposes….

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How spouses can super-charge the chattel rules

The issue There are special capital gains tax rules for tangible moveable property (chattels) which can include a wide variety of…

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The correct way to deal with directors’ loan accounts when selling a company

The issue It is fairly common for director shareholders to build up overdrawn directors’ loan accounts in their companies. If these…

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What is the deadline for transactions in securities legislation?

The issue Transactions in securities legislation (TISL) has been around for a while. In very broad terms it allows HMRC to…

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How to avoid 60-day capital gains tax (‘CGT’) reporting on UK residential property

The issue On 6 April 2020 HMRC introduced a new reporting requirement for individuals disposing of UK residential property. This involved…

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Paper for paper transactions and ‘lost’ deal costs

The issue It is fairly common for a capital gains tax liability to be deferred under section 135 TCGA 1992 when…

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How an inter-spouse transfer can avoid residential capital gains tax rates

The issue Residential property gains effectively have an 8% capital gains tax (‘CGT’) surcharge and so it is preferential for land…

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