Budget 2014

What’s inside the Chancellor’s Red Box?

With just over a year to go to the next General Election, the Chancellor is keen to get voters ‘on side’. But with the country’s finances still heavily constrained by the deficit reduction plan, his hands have been fairly tied.

The public will be warmed by some of the more ‘headline’ grabbing measures – 1p off a pint of beer, an increase in the annual ISA limit, and the all important reduction in Bingo duty!  But behind all the razzmatazz, what’s really inside the Chancellor’s Red Box, and will the electorate say “Deal” or “No Deal”?

To help you digest the information we have compiled our usual “Top Ten” list of what we see as the most significant measures announced in the Chancellor’s statement.

To read the summary follow the link:


I hope you find our Budget highlights of interest.  As always, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can ensure you take advantage of the various reliefs and structure your affairs in the optimum manner.

On behalf of all the Forbes Dawson team, best wishes for the forthcoming tax year.

Michael Dawson
Forbes Dawson LLP




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