Budget 2012 – Our ‘Top Ten’

The 2012 Budget may well be the most important since Nigel Lawson’s epic reform budget of 1986.  Although at face value there is little change for the average working man, there are a number of very important reforms and reliefs which will help our clients structure their affairs with certainty More importantly it will also enable our clients retain more of their hard earned profits for future investment.  One major area of work for us is designing the best business structure and minimising the overall tax take in putting money into personal hands.  The announced reforms and reduction of corporate rates make companies increasingly attractive to use as part of the business or investment structure.

The Government continues to clamp down on artificial tax planning schemes and we welcome the further regulation of these arrangements; our business succeeds by working with clients on a long term basis to structure their affairs in the best way that the law allows .  We can achieve significant tax savings for most clients without resorting to arrangements that are likely to be challenged successfully by HMRC.

In our Budget highlights we have set our view of the most important points affecting our typical clients.  Please click on the icon below to view our “Budget Top Ten”.

We hope that this will be of interest to you and would welcome the opportunity of discussing our ideas with you.

With all good wishes for the forthcoming tax year !




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