Spread betting unremitted funds could be a winner!

The issue Many non-domiciled individuals have been subject to the remittance basis of taxation. Put simply that means that offshore earnings…

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SDLT exemption for when employer buys employee’s house!

Attempting to relocate a key employee can often run the risk of losing that employee altogether. What can appear to be…

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Good sense prevails in PPR claim!

From time to time, HMRC has sought to apply tax legislation and their own guidance in an extremely literal and non-commonsensical way. This…

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Mind the Gap: EMI options cannot be granted now!

Last week HMRC published an Employment Related Securities bulletin that could have important consequences for companies which offer EMI options, and…

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The new regime for corporation tax losses

Happy New Tax Year to everyone! We start the first tax bite of 2018/19 on a positive note, with a look…

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Year-end Tax Planning – 5 April 2018

With the end of the 2017/18 tax year a little over a week away, the period leading up to 5 April…

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Take care with Employee Shareholder Status (ESS) shares

The issue ESS was an arrangement under which employees entered into agreements to vary their employment rights in consideration for the…

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Dodd’s planning leaves diddy IHT bill

The national papers have made much of Ken Dodd ‘having the last laugh’ by marrying Anne, his partner of 40 years…

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Beware of disapplied VAT option to tax

Option to tax ‘disapplications’ When a commercial property is sold the default position is that this will be exempt for VAT…

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The dark side of ISAs

Individual savings accounts (ISAs) are well known as a highly tax efficient savings wrapper. In 2017/2018 tax payers can invest up…

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