The new regime for corporation tax losses

Happy New Tax Year to everyone! We start the first tax bite of 2018/19 on a positive note, with a look…

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The new improved Substantial Shareholdings Exemption

The Substantial Shareholdings Exemption (‘SSE’) was introduced in 2002 as part of the government’s drive to make the UK a better…

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Consider ten year tax spreading when accounting treatment changes

The issue For periods commencing on or after 1 January 2015 UK medium and large companies were not permitted to prepare…

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Capital allowances on websites

The issue Website costs can be significant and are often capitalised in a company’s accounts. Traditionally HMRC has viewed such capital…

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Time running out for disincorporation relief

The issue Some people have mentioned that time is running out for applying disincorporation relief, and they are right.  However, if…

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Company trading losses can be offset against goodwill gains

The issue Trading losses can only be carried forward against profits of the same trade. This means that brought forward losses…

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Remember that some intangibles still get amortisation tax relief

The issue It was quite a surprise when amortisation relief was stopped for all purchased goodwill from 8 July 2015 (which…

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Corporation tax deductions for pensions are not restricted to limits

The issue A limited company is able to make larger pension contributions than the director’s contribution allowance of £40K per year….

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Buyers beware of an old stamp duty trap

Consider the substantial increase in the stamp duty payable between these two similar situations. On 5 May 2016, Large Company Plc…

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UK rejects EU plans combatting multinational tax avoidance

Currently it seems likely that Britain will not ‘play ball’ in introducing common anti-avoidance tax rules with the rest of Europe….

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